Introduction to Mixapop
Hi, We’re Mixapop!
As the new neighbors on the block, we just want to briefly introduce ourselves. We’re building community & tools for you creators on the web. Yep, we’re looking at you designers & developers!
It’s an honest pleasure to work alongside you all in the web community. As you’re well aware, we get to work in an industry that’s full of new technologies, constant advances, & boundless energy — We couldn’t be more excited!
But before gushing too much about the web and you talented craftspeople, we want to quickly tell you about who we are. We’re Mixapop, a company that is whole-heartedly focused on empowering & bridging the gap between web creatives — that’s you designers, programmers, and web-based-craftspeople. The web is this incredible melting pot of left brains & right brains and we’re here to excitedly stir the pot.
To start, we’re building out our (1) Community Space and (2) Creator Studio. Within the Community Space, you can feature your designs and creations for others to discover, remix, and download. But rather than showcase static images, you’ll be showcasing working “design components” that are built visually in our Creator Studio, auto-coded for you, and ready for sharing/remixing. For reference, here’s an example design component built in the Creator Studio that’s ready for you to play around with (components will be released every week).
Our goal is pretty simple: to serve you designers & developers and to bridge the glaring gap that lives between both disciplines. We’ll be releasing Mixapop-Created components each week within the Community Space. And we’re soon to open our Early Access doors to our Creator Studio. It’s here that you’ll be able to create & feature your own design components. If you’re interested in building your own designs and dipping your toes into new technologies, we’d love for you to introduce yourself below!
It’s a true pleasure to serve and work alongside you. Hope it goes without saying, but please feel free at any point to say hi, ask questions, or get early access to the Mixapop Creator Studio: hi@mixapop.com
Am looking forward to designing, building, and exploring the web alongside you,
Ross Campbell, founder